Bubble t-break





A Creative Playground for Everyone

Bubble tea - a drink comprised of a tea base, blended with milk, fruit, and fruit juice, with signature tapioca pearls or "bubbles" - originated in Asia in the 1980s and has now become a popular beverage worldwide. Bubble t-break is a popular bubble tea café on the edge of Chinatown in Newcastle

The business has been established for over a decade but a visual brand identity had never been produced. When faced with a nationwide lockdown and months of not being able to open, the owner used this opportunity to commission a full brand identity project. 

Bubble tea appeals to a younger generation of consumers who don't drink coffee or traditional teas which are typically associated with the older generation. The target market, therefore, comprises a young demographic, including students, from both local and Asian cultures.

Bubble t-break is a fun yet peaceful space where customers can quietly work, relax, recharge, and reignite their creativity. The brand's drinks are fully customisable, with every customer able to choose their own unique blend of drink. Bubble t-break offers an innovative and exciting choice for a new generation of tea drinkers. These insights sparked the idea for our creative concept and slogan – "Grab a Cup of Daydream: Reimagining Tea."

Our design work included a new logo design, typography, and an interchangeable colour palette, reflective of the myriad of options available at the cafe. The brand identity extends to incorporate a Chinese name and slogan, which mirrors the original English variant.

Bubble t-break has completed the renovation of its interior with the new brand identity. The enchanting new café brings to life the spirit of bubble t-break perfectly whilst helping to significantly increase brand awareness and sales figures.