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Early evening, the world is immersed in the warm sun, the golden moment. Finally, a busy day ends, and your mind is bittersweet...You are on the way home, thinking of tonight’s dinner but have so little energy for any complication, yet your tired body in this chaotic world is craving something good that gives you a sense of home and showers you with warm and unconditional love.

In this fast-paced, fragmented world where being apart from each other is normal, loneliness has become a general theme of daily life for many. Brands that deliver a sense of home, companionship, and evoke positive energy can make a difference in one's well-being.

The concept of home has evolved throughout generations. Today, with the popularity of globalisation and global travel, home is no longer just a physical presence; it is an emotional sanctuary that allows one to rest, heal, and develop. For many, the body is the ultimate home. Wherever we go, we take our home with us. Home is where we are, and love, that we can share, is always present within us.

Inspired by the journey and ethos of Dam Da Kitchen, we are pleased to present a new brand identity with such a positive message. Dam Da Kitchen was founded by Mila, originally from Seoul, Korea, and now living in Edinburgh. Delivering Korean home-style comfort food and handmade kimchi locally and collaborating with local food and drinks businesses to create pop-up dining experiences, Mila is building a local community centred around urban slow living for all.