Edinburgh X CNY





Harmonising Cultures through Design

Promoting international business and attracting visitors is always a paramount objective for a destination's survival and prosperity. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to design some of the most intriguing cultural fusion events in the UK, aimed at deepening cultural understanding and strengthening business connections between the East and the West.

Our designs foster dialogue and mutual appreciation, which can alleviate the tensions caused by extreme media and politics and, in turn, promote greater collaboration and business engagement. In this design, we have seamlessly combined iconic Scottish culture with Chinese tradition to appeal to both Chinese and Scottish audiences in Edinburgh and across the wider UK.

In the design for the year of the Tiger, we pushed the boundaries of cultures while preserving their authenticity. We pondered what a traditional festive season design could become, reimagining the aesthetics of the Chinese New Year.

Our design sets an evening atmosphere, capturing the true romance of the Chinese New Year and transcending the classic gold and red palette. Our palette is a vibrant and joyful assortment inspired by memories, nostalgia, and happiness. The colours - red, yellow, green, pink, and blue - each hold their symbolic significance, representing tradition, fortune, hope, fun, and Bonnie Scotland. The posture of the tiger takes inspiration from patterns seen on ancient bronze vessels and clothing but adds a modern and youthful twist, inspiring a playful tone with a touch of history.