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A Fortune

'Fortune Statement' is part of an experimental project that we initiated during the COVID19 pandemic. Our aim was to explore and push the boundaries of package design with creative concepts. We developed a series of packaging concepts that you can explore on our website.

Mahjong, a widely popular board game, originated in China and boasts a rich history spanning several decades. Whilst the production of Mahjong tiles has evolved over time, the traditional design techniques have remained largely unchanged. However, in recent years, due to economic developments and shifting public interests, the craft of Mahjong tile-making is at risk. Our intention with this design is to raise awareness about this endangered craft.

Our concept revolves around utilising engraving techniques to imprint a Mahjong-inspired pattern onto glass bottles. By integrating modern graphic elements into the age-old process of Mahjong carving for our bottle designs, we aim to not only showcase the artistry involved but also reinterpret ancient aesthetics. This approach caters to both Western and Eastern markets, as traditional craft methods continue to vanish globally.

Our design pays homage to the skilled artisans who have upheld this tradition. We intentionally chose a vibrant colour palette influenced by contemporary and futuristic trends, as well as the original green hue associated with the "fortune" (發) character in Mahjong. Additionally, abstract gradients were incorporated, presenting a concept that is both forward-thinking and respectful of our product's historical roots. This design concept underscores the notion that we can celebrate heritage and tradition through modern design, making cultural heritage exciting and inspiring more individuals to support and preserve it. By doing so, we ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the intelligence and beauty inherent in world cultures.