George Pragnell





Modernising a 6th Generation Family Business

Founded in 1954 in the historical town of Stratford-upon-Avon, Pragnell has established itself as one of the most prestigious and high quality jewellers in Britain.

A brand steeped in history, one of the missions was to modernise its expression to align with today and tomorrow's customers both within the UK and further afield.

We have supported the business to develop a wide range of brand assets and graphic design collaterals across multiple channels in a diverse format to bring the story of the brand to life for customers in the UK and China.

Presented with the task of producing the jeweller's annual brochure in 2021 and 2022, we have continued to elevate the design to a new standard of excellence.

Combining our expertise in layout and design with our appreciation for print and paper, we have created brochures that invite readers to indulge in the quality and artistry of Pragnell jewellery. The results have been widely recognised as exemplary pieces of brand literature, providing support to bring their loyal customers even closer to the brand whilst also engaging with new customers who will fall in love with the passion and rich heritage of this family-owned brand.

Since 2020, we have been working with Pragnell to navigate the narrative of their collection, creating a cohesive and practical concept and design direction for their collections, injecting rich storytelling into the communication of their collection and helping to engage with their audience on a much deeper level.

As a luxury family business, managing their community and constantly engaging with their customers is one of the priorities of Pragnell. We have supported the business by creating a series of invitation designs that represent the nature and culture of the business, delivering a premium touch to guests' doorsteps to invite them to participate in the exclusive events hosted by the Pragnell Family.