HIT Scotland





A Recipe for Recovery

The Hospitality Industry Trust of Scotland (HIT Scotland) tasked us with creating a visual identity for the webinar series launched immediately after the COVID19 pandemic. The webinars provided a platform for stakeholders in the hospitality sector to convene and discuss solutions for industry recovery following the devastating impact of the pandemic. The event needed to resonate with all individuals employed within the sector, including the younger generation.

We crafted a mini brand identity for "Recipe for Recovery," incorporating typefaces and a colour palette that closely harmonised with HIT Scotland's existing brand. We brought a modern twist and an extra touch of vibrancy, complete with bright bursts of colour.

The design featured colourful tumbling shapes, reminiscent of the sprinkling and combining of ingredients when creating an exciting new dish. It was essential that the visuals were uplifting and positive, conveying a sense of hope and excitement for the future.

HIT Scotland's Recipe for Recovery programme proved to be an uplifting and successful campaign, garnering high engagement and attendance from individuals working throughout Scotland's hospitality sector. We were delighted to be part of the series.