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"Moonlight: Products of Mind" a collaborative creation between Time Machine + Folks and HOLOS Kombucha. Inspired by the Eastern origins of Kombucha, we've given this enigmatic, midnight-hued bottle a profound philosophical context rooted in Taoism and Zen-inspired aesthetics. Its purpose is to ignite wonder, contemplation, and a sense of positivity in all those who encounter it. We've opted for a simple yet highly effective sand-textured paper with silver metallic printing applied on a full black bottle.

These design choices inject Moonlight with a sleek and futuristic appearance, inviting a sensory experience that awakens a universe of gut love, culture, and imagination. In a world where we all could use an extra dose of kindness to navigate life's challenges and complexities, Moonlight seeks to offer a little extra care to every mind.

Our intention is to raise awareness about mental health and infuse kindness into people's lives. Moonlight challenges conventional perceptions of packaging for this type of product. It presents a refreshing and imaginative perspective through its design, sparking curiosity and engagement at first sight.