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Oriental Mysteries

Oriental Mysteries is part of our experimental project that we initiated during the COVID19 pandemic to explore and push the boundaries of package design and creative concepts. We have developed a series of packaging concepts that you can explore on our website.

Imagine this scenario: In the 1940s, in the vibrant city of Shanghai, four exquisitely dressed ladies convene around a square table within a Western-inspired mansion. Their chosen pastime? A game of Mahjong, a classic social tableau celebrated in history and seen in the world-renowned film "In the Mood For Love."

At first glance, the atmosphere appears serene, yet beneath the surface lies a palpable undercurrent of intense competition. This design captures the essence of this moment, casting an enchanting, mildly intoxicating ambiance that tantalisingly hints at mystery.

This design seamlessly blends an array of cultural influences, daring to blur the boundaries that separate different worlds. It effortlessly weaves in prominent visual elements drawn from Chinese culture, while also inviting you on a journey through a tapestry of diverse cultural references from across the globe, all harmonised under a contemporary design language.

At its core, this concept centres around the creation of a collection of bottles, each graced with a unique label inspired by the intricate patterns of Mahjong tiles. Buyers have the chance to amass their own set of Mahjong-themed bottles, transforming their gatherings into lively and competitive parties with friends. This design exploration delves into the realm of harmonising cultures, aiming to craft an unconventional yet practical aesthetic that infuses products with new layers of meaning and irresistible selling points.