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A Vibrant
Discussion of Life

Post Fizz is a part of an experimental project that we initiated during the COVID19 pandemic to explore and push the boundaries of package design and creative concepts. We have developed a series of packaging concepts that you can explore on our website.

Post Fizz emerges as a design concept born in the wake of pandemic-related lockdowns, rooted in the belief that people seek the freedom to embrace diverse lifestyles as restrictions ease. It prompts introspective questions: How do you perceive the New Normal? Does it bring you joy and a sense of liberation? Are you inclined to venture out or prefer the comforts of home?

The design of Post Fizz boldly adorns a can, aiming to spark engaging discussions and foster positive discourse. Its two distinct motifs, one light and the other dark, symbolise the choice between staying in, savouring tranquility, or stepping out to partake in the long-missed revelry.

The primary objective of this design is to stimulate lively debates and interactions among drinkers, thereby generating a significant impact in the market. Ultimately, it aims to raise awareness of the brand and its products.