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Storytelling to Inspire Investment

After leaving the Royal Navy in 1986, Stephen Marlow retrained in wines and spirits to follow in the footsteps of his hotelier father. Upon relocating to Scotland, he became captivated by the Scottish Highlands and the marvel of its wilderness. In 2015, Stephen established the Glen Quaich Distillery and commenced the recruitment of a world-class management team. Glen Quaich was actively seeking investment, with a particular focus on Asia. Stephen Marlow held the vision of sharing the wonders of the Highlands with a broader, global audience.

Consequently, Glen Quaich was in pursuit of investors who not only possessed the financial resources to support the enterprise but also shared this vision and harboured a genuine passion for Scottish whisky and the industry.

When Glen Quaich first approached us, they already had a logo, a bottle design, and, most importantly, an inspiring story full of passion. We brought this narrative to life, evoking the heritage and tradition of the Scottish Highlands with a range of storytelling materials and a toolkit to communicate with potential investors.

The video we produced for Glen Quaich became a pivotal asset in their investment sourcing efforts, capturing the majesty and wonder of the sparsely populated Highlands. This video enabled Stephen Marlow to share his story and the vision for Glen Quaich in his own words.

Glen Quaich utilised our suite of brand storytelling materials to engage with investors across the globe. As a result, Glen Quaich successfully secured investment from Asia and continues on its journey towards launching a world-class Scottish whisky.