The Matcha Yaad


Food & Drink



A Punchy Fusion of Jamaica and Japan

We teamed up with the Matcha Yaad on a mission to create a feel-good brand that encapsulates some of the world-renowned qualities of both the Jamaican and Japanese cultures.

The Matcha Yaad, launched last year in the UK, embodies the heart and soul of a true challenger brand. Monique, Founder of the Matcha Yaad, grew up in Jamaica and developed her passion for Matcha during her studies. This love for green energy, and the health benefits that she experienced whilst enjoying the drink, took her all the way to Japan, where she immersed herself in all things Matcha.

In 2023, she brought a bold fusion of Japanese and Jamaican culture to life through her Ginger Refresher and introduced it to customers in the UK. We were commissioned to produce a package design that captures the essence of this one-of-a-kind product, bringing together sunshine and serenity, resulting in the design we proudly present below. We created three directions for the project, and the first direction, featured below, was recently launched to the market.

Monique's journey in Japan started in Okinawa, a globally renowned blue zone known for its longevity and happiness. Here, she encountered a more relaxed Japanese lifestyle that reminded her of her homeland, Jamaica, both blessed with abundant seas and sunshine, and, most importantly, warm and joyful people.

Although the Matcha used in these cans is authentically sourced from Kyoto, from a branding perspective, we aim to capture the unique essence of these two places in Monique’s heart. Her inspiration for a joyous life and the mindset she seeks to convey through her products to the world are paramount.

Enjoy a refreshing tea break and rejuvenate your mind with the ginger refresher by The Matcha Yaad!